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About us

About Us

German International Academy for Training and Consultancy

Is interested in training and business development training programs in addition to consulting which is a trustworthy academy with long term experience and focused in first class on customer relations.

Our long-term and trustworthy customer relationships are based on our goal-oriented approach, and we are constantly adapting to changing training and consulting requirements. In the event of a permanent exchange with customer experiences this provides a solid basis for the successful implementation of consulting and training projects.

Relying on the best Arab and foreign experts in the field of training and consulting with our keen to transfer the most important experiences and successes in the world.

Our Philosophy

The systemic thinking and acting and the systemic attitude form the basis for our joint work. Our understanding of and how we deal with change and development in organizations and individuals is determined by this attitude.
Together, we draw on comprehensive competences in the areas of leadership, adult education, organizational development, moderation, consulting, coaching and supervision.
We shape change and learning processes with creativity, diversity of methods and full of conviction.

Training methods
As an academy for business coaching we have responsibility. It goes without saying that with every certificate we have to say goodbye to a graduate from our academy who is well-trained for today’s business needs. A graduate who, after completing his education, not only has a profound knowledge of the tools, but also those qualities that are crucial in coaching and training: empathy, esteem on the one hand, polite discomfort and respectful questioning on the other hand. For only those who, for example, as a coach can challenge their clients with respectful intervention methods, will initiate a sustainable “self-realization”. A quality standard that will also be visible to your future clients.

Semenars Catogery

Management, Leadership and Self Development
Human Resources and Training

Sales Management
Public Relations and Media
Secretarial and Office Management
Accounting and Finance
Project management
Law contracts and tenders
Procurement, warehousing and logistics

Information Technology

Maintenance Management and EngineeringSecurity, occupational health and the environment

Health & Safety

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